Expectant Mothers: Ten Tips for a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

To have a good pregnancy, we not only need to focus on physical health. Being healthy is crucial at this time, but being mentally calm, prepared, and happy is also essential, and this can often be the most challenging part.

Therefore, we’re going to provide ten keys for a healthy and happy pregnancy, where mind and body come together in harmony to help you navigate this stage of your life magically and wonderfully you’ve always dreamed of.

Eating and Drinking Healthily During Pregnancy

Your diet should be varied and balanced. The key is to consume foods rich in nutrients and vitamins such as folic acid, iron, calcium, and iodine, but not high in fats. Your diet should include a wide range of vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products, and legumes, without forgetting your daily intake of protein from meat and fish.

A healthy diet also includes maintaining proper hydration. Drinking enough water and milk to provide you with calcium is essential. You can also have juices, preferably natural and unsweetened. Of course, alcoholic beverages and coffee are prohibited.

Taking Recommended Vitamin Supplements

To complement a healthy diet, your doctor will recommend specific vitamin supplements that include folic acid, along with other vitamin and mineral supplements like iron, iodine, and calcium. This helps the fetus develop properly, avoiding deficiencies that could cause complications for both the baby and the mother.

Exercising During Pregnancy

For your well-being and achieving an ideal weight gain, it’s essential to engage in appropriate physical activities like swimming, yoga, walking, pilates, etc.

By engaging in moderate and consistent exercise, you’ll improve your cardiovascular and muscular condition and promote proper posture. All of this will provide you with better overall physical fitness and help you face pregnancy with fewer risks.

Attending Medical Check-Ups

Regular visits to the gynecologist for the necessary tests and proper prenatal care are essential. This way, you’ll have monitoring of both the baby’s and your health, and you’ll have the opportunity to consult the specialist about any doubts and fears.

Wearing Appropriate Clothing

You should wear comfortable clothing (including shoes) suitable for the weight and volume you’ll experience. This will help improve blood circulation, ensure proper and unforced movements, and maintain healthy skin.

Don’t worry; luckily, you no longer have to wear sack-like dresses. Fortunately, many stores sell beautiful maternity clothes.

Taking Care of Your Mind

If you dedicate time to taking care of your body, you should also set aside time for relaxation and mental care. Not only is the body more vulnerable during pregnancy, but seeking tranquility and doing relaxation exercises at home will help you feel better.

Getting Proper Rest

Getting enough sleep and resting as much as your body requires is essential. Fatigue and sleepiness can accompany you from the very beginning as one of the first pregnancy symptoms, and fortunately, they may diminish over time.

But you’ll likely feel very tired and sleepy in the later stages of pregnancy. It’s what your body needs, and you should listen to it, resting as much as possible, without forgetting that moderate exercise will help you sleep better.

Attending Childbirth Preparation Classes

Attending childbirth preparation classes can be very beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Interacting with other expectant mothers and sharing experiences will open your mind to the realization that you’re not alone in having doubts or fears.

These classes are also an opportunity to gain knowledge and awareness of the changes in your body, learn about concepts related to the stages of labor, baby hygiene, or breastfeeding, and prepare yourself for the upcoming changes.

Communicating with the Baby

Talking to your baby, and playing music, will make you feel closer, preparing you for the moment when the baby will be in your arms. Understanding how your baby is developing month by month, how it’s growing in your womb, writing a letter to it, and keeping a pregnancy journal are some of the ways to communicate with your baby.

Taking Care of Your Skin

During pregnancy, it’s crucial to apply protective sunscreen creams to prevent skin spots and burns. Due to hormonal changes, the skin undergoes alterations such as hyperpigmentation. Stretch mark creams are also essential, as they prevent the appearance of scars resulting from skin stretching.

Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, it’s common for women to develop stretch marks in specific areas of the body as the skin stretches to accommodate the growing baby over several months.

These marks are typically found on the abdomen or breasts. Abdominal stretch marks are a result of the uterus’s growth and usually appear in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Stretch marks can also develop on the lower back, buttocks, or even in the vaginal area. They usually appear in regions where fat accumulates.

There are specialized creams for preventing stretch marks, like belly balm, which help enhance the skin’s natural elasticity.

One of the most reliable products in this category is Jess Beauty’s belly balm. When choosing how to take care of ourselves, considering the brand’s reputation and trustworthiness is essential.

Established and reputable brands often prioritize quality and safety in their formulations. Jess Beauty is a highly recommended and reliable brand that prioritizes high-quality, effective, and safe ingredients while producing top-notch products.

Remember, to have a healthy pregnancy, you need a happy one too. It’s crucial to take care of both your mind and body during this delicate stage, filled with emotions and sometimes contradictory sensations.

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