The Hair Relaxer Lawsuit Update and The Usual Considerations

After reading the last hair relaxer lawsuit update, it is impossible not to think of the quote: “Beauty is pain”. We have all heard this phrase at least once in our lives. According to what most people have always thought or believed, in order to look beautiful, you have to suffer. The process of looking good considering the parameters set by modern society could be quite painful.

However, we have always talked about a painful process, but has anyone thought about the painful consequences? What are the side effects of those beauty treatments? Are all the results positive when we undergo any beauty process? The hair relaxer lawsuit is one of the hundreds of cases in which consumers had to face health issues and painful treatments after using beauty products.

Why do we use hair relaxers?

Hair relaxers are chemical products used to straighten our hair when it is curly or frizzy. The main reasons for using these products may be to straighten the hair and make it easy to manage, style, and detangle. After a hair relaxer treatment, our hair is not only straight but more versatile since straightened hair can be curled, waved, and styled in a wide variety of ways, consuming less time and demanding less effort than other hair care routines and that is why many women decide to undergo these beauty treatments.

However, it is important to note that the use of hair relaxers involves chemical processes that can alter the hair’s structure. The improper use or overuse of these chemicals can lead us, not only to hair damage, breakage, and scalp irritation but also to some more serious health issues like uterine fibroids or cancer.

The hair relaxer lawsuit

Scientists and consumers started to pay attention to this problem after some investigators discovered that there was a connection between hair relaxer products and cancer risk in many women in America.

As a consequence, the National Institute of Health did some research and discovered that those people who used the chemical hair relaxers quite frequently were more likely to develop cancer than those who did not use the product with the same frequency. These results were especially alarming among black women since they are frequent users of this type of product.

After this discovery, consumers started filing lawsuits against manufacturers. According to the last hair relaxer lawsuit update, there are still many victims fighting and waiting to get to a successful trial or settlement. During 2023, the number of women who discovered health issues related to the hair products they have been using increased and now they are trying to join the Multi-district Litigation (MDL).

The legal process is not simple since the defendants have recently requested a bifurcation of the discovery plan from the MDL. What they want is for the initial phase of the discovery to focus just on the causation and the evidence that connects the products and the diseases. This will cause all the other issues to be postponed until they complete this first phase. The plaintiffs are against this proposal because it will only make the legal process longer.

Seeking legal help

Going through the complexities of a hair relaxer lawsuit can be an intricate and challenging journey that is always being updated and in continuous change. With the potential for a range of issues, from product liability claims to allegations of misrepresentation, understanding the legal landscape is not a task as simple as it seems. That is why seeking legal assistance is of great importance.

In cases like these, consulting with an experienced attorney who specializes in product liability or personal injury can make all the difference. They can guide you through the legal process, help you understand your rights, and ensure that your case is presented effectively. Each case may have its individualities and may differ from the other cases in many aspects, so personalized assistance is crucial to guarantee a successful settlement or trial. When it comes to pursuing justice and compensation for any harm caused by hair relaxer products, having the right legal support can be the key to a successful resolution.

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